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UMass Musician Maggie Kraine

Maggie Kraine is a UMass student and musician whose debut album, The Reward (of) Missing, is on Spotify now. Last semester, WMUA News spoke with her about being a student musician and learned about some of her favorite songs.

Check Maggie’s music out here:

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Artist Synthia Saint James Leads Collage Workshop at UMass

On February 5th, the University welcomed acclaimed artist Synthia Saint James to lead a collage workshop and talk to attendees about her art. WMUA News’ Becky Wandel attended the workshop and spoke with the artist.

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Interview with Filmmaker Chris Schnabel

Chris Schnabel is a University of New Haven alumnus making his name as a filmmaker following the journeys of rising stars. WMUA News’ Kyle Olsen asked him about his series “Off Stage.” Originally aired on WMUA Amherst 91.1 FM February 5, 2018.

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A Conversation with Research Librarian Jim Kelly

Ever wondered how to get a library book only available in Japan or who to talk to when you’re researching the Loch Ness monster? Look no further! UMass research librarian Jim Kelly tells Maria Manning all about the world of library science. Originally aired on WMUA Amherst 91.1 FM February 2, 2018.