Alpha Chi Omega Healthy Relationships Week

The UMass chapter of sorority Alpha Chi Omega is celebrating their Healthy Relationships Week. WMUA News’ Maria Manning spoke to members of their organization about raising awareness for domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships. CONTENT WARNING: This feature contains discussions of sexual violence and suicide. Originally aired on WMUA Amherst 91.1 FM February 9, 2018.

Please check the resources below if you or a loved one have struggled with domestic violence of suicide.

Safe Passage, a Northampton, MA domestic violence service: 413-586-5066

UMass Center for Women and Community Hotline: 413-545-0800

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255


Interview with Filmmaker Chris Schnabel

Chris Schnabel is a University of New Haven alumnus making his name as a filmmaker following the journeys of rising stars. WMUA News’ Kyle Olsen asked him about his series “Off Stage.” Originally aired on WMUA Amherst 91.1 FM February 5, 2018.

A Conversation with Research Librarian Jim Kelly

Ever wondered how to get a library book only available in Japan or who to talk to when you’re researching the Loch Ness monster? Look no further! UMass research librarian Jim Kelly tells Maria Manning all about the world of library science. Originally aired on WMUA Amherst 91.1 FM February 2, 2018.

Lost your Stockbridge class ring?

Look no further!

WMUA News Interview with Imo Imeh

WMUA’s Mike Hanson, in honor of the beginning of Black History Month, talked with Westfield State art professor and his own personal mentor, Imo Imeh. Imeh is participating in an art project designed to follow the life and death of Trayvon Martin.

Interview with Thaine Smith – Artistry of the Body in Yoga

WMUA’s Charlie Giordano sat down with yoga instructor Thaine Smith and delved into the artfulness behind practicing yoga, and viewing the body as a tool of self expression. Originally aired on January 29 2018 on WMUA Amherst 91.1 FM.

WMUA Interview with Lee Ayala-Sanchez of Latinos Unidos

WMUA reporters Liz Flood and Talon Urdzik sat down with Latinos Unidos PR official Lee-Ayala Sanchez to discuss the cultural organization’s numerous events, its role in the cultural landscape of UMass, and Sanchez’s personal experiences working for the group.