Two UMass Students Have Meningococcal Illnesses

Originally Aired Nov. 14 2017

Update 5:15 p.m. Nov. 15 2017: UHS has confirmed that the second student, who contracted meningitis, was infected with the B-strain of the Meningococcus bacteria. Head to timestamp 3:42 to see why that matters.

Two UMass students have fallen ill from Meningococcal infections in the past month, according to releases from University Health Services. Last month, a student infected with the B-strain of the Meningococcus bacteria contracted meningococcemia, a blood infection that can kill in hours. The student is reported to be in stable condition.

It is not yet known what strain of bacteria infected the second student, who contracted meningitis, an infection of the brain, and is also reported to be in stable condition. UMass students are not required to be vaccinated against the B-strain of the Meningococcus bacteria, but vaccinations to protect against this strain are available at UHS. Dr. George Corey, director of University Health Services, and Anne Becker, R.N. spoke to WMUA News about the outbreak. WMUA News’ Jesse Fisher, Kenneth Borges, and Becky Wandel report.


November 8th, 2017

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November 7th 2017

Maura Healey says OK to an Amherst city bylaw, an apartment in South Amherst burns down, and a new study suggests opioid painkillers may not be necessary for most ER patients.

WMUA News’ Liz Flood, Talon Urdzik, and Michael Hanson cover all that and more in tonight’s broadcast.

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Fun Friday Broadcast 11-3-17

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We also bring you some insight on the Hack UMass event on campus, speaking to both organizers and participants.

Our thumbnail photo is one of a graduate student speaking to an administrator at the protest rally covered by Parker Louison.

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Halloween Broadcast

As promised, here’s our spooky, fun-filled Halloween broadcast!

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Also in this broadcast: a feature on UMass students’ best Halloween costumes from Ian Munnelly, a campus survey about belief in aliens from Matt Leonard, and a special weather report from a certain slimy Hogwarts Professor.

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