2017 SGA Debate live stream

WMUA News brings you a live stream of the SGA candidates for President, Vice President, and Student Trustee for the 2017-2018 school year. The event was hosted Sunday evening at the Commonwealth Honors College from 6-8pm.

Current President Anthony Vitale and Vice President Lily Wallace are running for reelection. Lily Wallace recently took over the Vice Presidential position when Vitale’s former VP resigned.

Two Senators from the class of 2020 are running against the incumbents.  Presidential candidate Nathalie Amazan and her running mate Timmy Sullivan serve as undersecretaries of sustainability. Amazan sits on the social justice and empowerment committee of SGA.

Lincoln Quang Duong is also running for the position of President, who currently serves as a member of the finance committee. He is a solo candidate, but has told WMUA News that his first executive priority is to appoint a Vice President.

Candidates answered questions from moderator Dan Mahoney and from the audience on the topics of diversity, sustainability, accessibility, and transparency.

The SGA elections will take place March 6, 7, and 8 through Campus Pulse. Listen to our exclusive interviews with the candidates on this site.

Photo Courtesy of Lucy Martirosyan

Engineering by Lucy Martirosyan, Katie Donegan, and Josh McCawley

Hosting by Lisa Robinson and Katie Donegan

Music by Tycho

How the travel ban affects Iranian graduate students at UMass Amherst

The travel ban left Iranian students and others from the six temporarily banned countries stuck.

President Trump’s executive order banned people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from traveling to and from the United States for 90 days. It also banned refugees from coming into the states for 120 days.

Since then, the order has been reversed by a federal judge in Washington on Saturday February 4.

“Just imagine, if you’re a PhD student, if you’re a master’s student, if you have worked hard for your degree. And just think about it, at the moment you get a phone call, there’s an emergency back home. Something may have happened to your mom, something may have happened to your dad. Maybe for other members of our community, the first thing on their mind is to get back home as soon as possible. But for Iranian students and other students from the other six countries, the first thing though, will be, ‘What do I do?'” says Mohammad, a PhD student at UMass Amherst who has lived in the United States for six years.

Many Iranian graduate students are set to graduate as soon as this February. Trump’s executive order halted immigrant application processes, like the OPT – Optional Practical Training – which would allow foreign students with F1 visas to work for 12 months under a US employer.

“I [will] graduate this February. I cannot work on campus. I have no income. I have to pay rent. I have medication that I have to take everyday. This is not fair for us. We came here for the best, not for this. This is not the America I came to. If it’s changing this much, I’m going to go back [to Iran,]” says one PhD student who studied computer science at UMass Amherst.

Free Kesha


CW: The following pieces contain mentions of sexual assault and abuse.

UMass students talked about their differing thoughts and opinions regarding the ongoing Supreme Court trial involving Kesha and her producer Dr. Luke, whom she claims sexually assaulted her and inflicted “emotional distress, gender-based hate crimes and employment discrimination” upon her.

Reporting: Troy Kowalchuk and Maria Manning

Producing: Troy Kowalchuk and Maria Manning

Kick off farmers stand

The Kick Off Famers Stand featured UMass Student Farmer’s MarketUMass Amherst Permaculture  and various other vendors at the Cape Cod Lounge in the UMass Student Union Wednesday April 7, 2016. At future farm stands, the Farmers Stand is seeking to recruit more vendors to show case their art and work.

Reporting: Troy Kowalchuk

Producing: Troy Kowalchuk, Lucy Martirosyan


SLASummit 2016: how students are using inclusive social entrepreneurship to make lasting change in Latin America


AMHERST, Mass. – Vincent Simboli, Rodrigo Cubedo, and Camila Ortiz de Cevallos are all students a McGill University in Montreal, Canada working to host this years SLASummit at their university. The aim of this summit is to use social entrepreneurship as a model for inclusive social development. This years SLASummit with be held from March 17 – 20, 2016. Listen to this extended interview with Vincent, Rodrigo, and Camila as they speak with WMUA New’s Patricia Murphy in Amherst, Mass about the Summits beginnings and future.


Produced by Patricia Murphy

Outrage Following Umass’ Ban on New Iranian Students

In February UMass released a statement saying it would no longer accept Iranian students. Following outrage from alumni, students, and administrators, they revised the policy to allow selective admission for students. WMUA sought to discover where the policy originated, and why, and found more questions than answers.

Pio Romano has the story.
Reporting by Pio Roman and Jason Kotoch.
Produced by Despina Durand.