Nathalie Amazan and Timmy Sullivan want to bring sustainability and diversity to UMass

Nathalie Amazan and Timmy Sullivan are running for president and vice president in the upcoming UMass Student Government Association elections. They may be freshmen, but they’re experienced, Sullivan says.

“We don’t think that age is a requisite for leadership, especially when that leadership isn’t adequately representing the students that we know we can represent.”

The fact that Amazan and Sullivan feel that the Student Government Association isn’t a representative body of students on campus probed them to decide to run for office.

The two current undersecretaries of sustainability plan to have a zero waste campus by 2050. To start, they want to install compost bins all over residential areas and internally monitor how much energy the campus is using as a whole.

Another big part of Amazan and Sullivan’s platform is increase diversity on campus for students of color and queer students.

“Currently there are 896 undergraduate African Americans on campus, and that’s a statistic I am horrified to see,” Amazan says. She wants to work with Student Bridges on campus, whose main goal is to recruit and maintain students of color.

“Representation and leadership is also huge,” Sullivan adds.

“Like when you see someone who looks like you, you get inspired. You now believe that you can do that too. Seeing a Black queer woman in this position, a Black out queer woman in this position, I hope to inspire people on campus to know that they can achieve this position. And that they can trust SGA,” Amazan says.

Timmy Sullivan (SGA vice presidential candidate) and Nathalie Amazan (SGA presidential candidate). Photo courtesy by Urgyen Joshi

Another part of their platform is accessibility. Amazan and Sullivan want to increase wheel cheer accessibility at the Fine Arts Center. They also want to reform the Center for Counseling and Psychological Help (CCPH) through increasing their staff and changing their consultations. They also talked about reforming the women’s clinic by the UMass Students for Reproductive Justice (USRJ).

Amazan has a background in grassroots organizing. She has canvassed for Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center. She has a social justice fellowship with Young People for Change, where her blueprint is with mass incarceration.

Sullivan has a background in education policy and reform. He’s worked for the department of education for TedEd and Rosetta Stone.

SGA elections are taking place Monday March 6 through Wednesday March 8. Be sure to vote on

Interview by Katie Donegan
Sound engineering  by Lucy Martirosyan
Photo courtesy by Urgyen Joshi


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