National News, UMass

The war on DIY

Over the course of one weekend, two DIY shows were shut down around Amherst. WMUA News’ Andrew Cunningham examines how DIY shows have been under scrutiny across the country after a warehouse music venue caught fire last week in Oakland. While what happened at The Flip isn’t related to the DIY crackdown, the coincidence serves as a warning for us to be safer. He explores the importance of preserving these spaces that encourage community, self-expression and local music.

He spoke to a few DIY musicians, like Nathan Galloway, a member of the band Snowhaus who said, “running a DIY show is absolutely awesome. Sometimes the cops come and it’s fine because people figure it out and we have great time…”

Reporting and producing by Andrew Cunningham.

Photograph taken by Sarah Robertson on Dec. 9, 2016 at Bartlett Fest.


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