MA Ballot Questions 2016: Series

An extra slot license 

Ballot question one concerns implementing an additional slot license at casinos. WMUA News’ Hayley Benoit explains the affect it will have in Massachusetts, and each sides argument on to whether it should be implemented.

Expansion of charter schools

A vote ‘yes’ on question two would authorize the expansion of up to 12 charter schools per year in Massachusetts, raising the charter school cap placed before. Maria Manning explores the opposing sides for WMUA News.

The containment of farm animals and what that means for Massachusetts farmers

Ballot question three concerns the containment of farm animals. The vote prohibits any farm owner or operator from knowingly containing an animal that prevents the animal from lying down standing up fully extending it limbs or turning around freely.  Voters have been divided on the question. WMUA News’ Ben Levine interviewed Peter Diemand of Diemand Farm in Wendell, MA.

Legalizing marijuana

Ballot question four concerns legalizing regulating and taxing recreational marijuana for Massachusetts residents 21 +, creating a Cannabis Control Commission. WMUA News’ Kyle Olsen explains both sides of the question.

Grade reconfiguration

Amherst voters come Nov. 8 will see Question Five on the ballot — which calls for a “debt exclusion override” to fund the construction of a new co-located school north of Amherst Center.

If Question 5 passes, it would demolish the existing Fort River and Wildwood elementary schools. Crocker Farm Elementary school would lose its grades 2-6 to the new “twin school.”

This grade reconfiguration is what worries Amherst parents Maria Kopicki and Laura Quilter who encourage Amherst voters to vote “no” on Question 5. WMUA News’ Lucy Martirosyan has more.


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