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Rally Against Police Brutality and Racism — Haley Chauvin

WMUA’s Haley Chauvin covers a protest against police brutality and racism that took place on October 1, 2014. The protest featured talks by local activist Vira Douangmany Cage, who successfully lead a campaign “Justice for Charles” for her wrongfully imprisoned nephew Charles Wilhite, and Graduate Student Senate president Adina Giannelli. Douangmany Cage addressed the death of Lenny Brown of Springfield who died while in police custody in 2008, while Giannelli issued a call to action from the community to engage in dialogue about racism and to work to fight it on campus and in our communities.

While looking for details of Brown’s death in Springfield, WMUA could find no mentions in media or evidence of an investigation. The meeting minutes of the Police Oversight Committee in Springfield on December 15, 2010, where Brown’s mother, Brenda Douglas addressed the committee was the only source we could find.

This piece was produced by Despina Durand.

Music for this piece is “Peace or Violence” by Stromae.


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